Arulmigu Dhenupureeswarar Temple

   Small Linga: The Lord is placed on a seat about 8-9 inches high and is too small measuring about just 2 inches. It also bears the scar caused by the cow's rear leg and also the stone attack. The sanctum sanatorium or the womb chamber also is small. The snake jewel head cover is placed on the Linga.Those facing any adverse planetary effects astrologically worship the Lord offering jasmine garland.
   Thenukambal:Mother Thenukambal graces from a shrine facing south. Sage Kabila in the front hall (mandap) appears on a pillar holding the Linga on the left hand and a garland on the right hand. A woman is holding a water pot on her head. Lord Muruga graces with His Consort Valli and Deivanai from a shrine. He is praised in the hymns of Arunagiriar. Those having no child pray to Lord Muruga here. On the roof above Nandhi, are the paintings of Ashtathikpalakas - the authorities of the eight directions.
   Beauty of the sculptures: The beauty of the sculptures in the temple bear testimony to the unparallel skill of our sculptors. There are Lord Sarabeswara, Vinayaka with Veena, Lord Muruga on an elephant holding his cock on one hand, Lord Vishnu worshipping Shiva along with Brahmma the Creator, Shiva with Ganga and Parvathi, Shiva on Vasuki snake, Lord Dakshinamurthy with His consort, Bhairava, Sri Hanuman worshipping Lord Rama with Mother Sita on his lap, Brhamma with five faces are the sculptures, one should not miss to see and enjoy.

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